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Unlocking Financial Freedom

Building Legacies, Changing Lives

Welcome to the world of Jason Sipple, a dedicated advocate for fathers and their families. With a mission to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the financial landscape successfully, Jason focuses on leaving lasting legacies and making a positive impact on communities.

Who is jason sipple?

Understanding the unique challenges faced by fathers is at the heart of Jason Sipple’s journey. Three years ago, Jason, a high achiever, led a $25 million recruitment division and earned an annual income of $180,000. Despite these accomplishments, he recognized the struggle of balancing work and family life due to a lack of a solid financial philosophy.

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Financial Empowerment

Jason’s approach involves teaching financial philosophy through concepts like infinite banking and money multiplication. Once individuals have this foundation, he guides them in preserving and growing wealth within their families. Imagine creating a private money club instead of relying on Wall Street.

Personalized Guidance

Jason provides personalized financial guidance to help you achieve your unique goals and aspirations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Money Multiplication

Learn how to multiply your wealth and create a private money club, reducing reliance on traditional financial institutions.

Leadership Development

Jason's grassroots approach empowers you to become a leader and help others on their financial journey to freedom and success.

Empowering Others,

It's All About Love

Jason emphasizes the importance of PAY YOURSELF FIRST – because it’s all about love – and encourages everyone to explore their big vision. His specialty is making complex financial ideas accessible, even to someone with a 4th-grade education. If it’s more complicated than that, it’s likely just causing confusion.

Unlocking Financial Freedom

Breaking Free from the Traditional System

The Power of Infinite Banking

It's about creating a financial system where you are both the saver and the lender, enabling you to access capital when you need it most.

Building Your Private Money System

Through Jason’s guidance, you’ll learn to harness the principles of infinite banking to build a stable foundation for your financial future. No longer will you need to surrender control of your money to others. You’ll have the tools and knowledge to achieve true financial independence.

Jason’s mission goes beyond the individual; it’s about teaching future generations. By working with fathers and families, he not only helps them secure their own legacies but also ensures that valuable financial knowledge is passed down to the next generation.

Jason Sipple advocates for a fundamental shift in how individuals approach their finances. Instead of entrusting their hard-earned money to external institutions, he empowers them to take control. By adopting the concept of being your own bank, you gain the freedom to steer your financial ship, make strategic decisions, and chart a course toward lasting prosperity.

Working with Jason isn’t just about achieving financial freedom; it’s about gaining confidence in your financial decisions. You’ll develop a deep understanding of how money works and a newfound sense of empowerment. By embracing the concept of being your own bank, you’ll navigate the financial landscape with clarity, purpose, and assurance.

Pay Yourself First

Join the Financial Revolution

Jason invites you to join the financial revolution. It’s a journey that empowers you to take charge of your finances, secure your legacy, and live life on your terms. By becoming your own bank, you’ll not only attain financial freedom but also gain the confidence to navigate the financial landscape with clarity and purpose.

Powered by the Money Multiplier Method

REAL Testimonials

For Jason Sipple and Founding Fathers

Powered by the Money Multiplier Method

REAL Testimonials

For Jason Sipple and Founding Fathers

"Best Move I've Made...recaptured 40%"
IBC, Infinite Banking Concept, was a new process for me. Myself and two of my business pals were looking at the amount of cash flow we had, and as it stood, all we were doing was pooling it up till months end, and paying the debt off. I kept on looking at the monthly collections as an opportunity to branch off and provide an additional resource for income passively.

So we spent a few evenings watching the videos and going over the availability of resources and all three of us decided to get in. As a result, we have recaptured around 40% of our monthly collections, reduced our tax liability substantially, the results are not yet fully achieved, but we're looking at 25% less income tax. This also created a huge opportunity to earn our own passive interest.

Financially, it's changed our 10 year plan so dramatically there's no doubt we'll be in an early retirement privilege. Based on our projected destination with our current numbers, a second policy will be required in year 3. We're about 6 months in, and it's literally the best move I've made since I began earning a living. We've learned so much so fast it's like drinking from a fire hose. We're well on our way to achieving exactly what we set out to do. And that's trading our money for our time back. We're done trading our time for money.

The best part is all the risk is so minimal compared to the regular way of obtaining the results we are getting. Rock solid improvement over stashing cash or market investments. If someone would've told me this when I was 20...
J. Ramsey, NC
Business Owner
"The infinite banking concept revealed itself as a solution"
I was just at the end of my road. After doing everything and more that all basic financial gurus recommend, I didn't see a way out.

I started to cry out to God in prayer, "just show me a way out of this." The infinite banking concept revealed itself as a solution. I'm so thankful that I've got you as a mentor to help me get through this, man. Thank you for that.
Kory L.
"With proper guidance and commitment, the rewards are boundless"
In January 2024, with the guidance of my mentor, Jason Sipple, I took a significant step forward. Despite my fears, he supported me through the process of setting up my first whole life policy. His reassuring presence eased my concerns about the medical exam and the initial deposit, providing invaluable assistance during moments of uncertainty.

Within just 30 days of making my deposit, I took my first policy loan. It was a pivotal moment. With cash readily available, I seized the opportunity to clear the remaining balances on my personal credit cards and two of my business cards. The relief was palpable. Recapturing those payments, I redirected them towards paying down my last business card, setting the stage for even greater financial freedom.

As I progress along this journey, I've witnessed tangible results. Notably, my credit score has seen a significant boost. It's a testament to the effectiveness of the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) and its potential to transform one's financial landscape.

To anyone considering IBC, I can attest: you're on the right path to financial freedom. Whether you're a business owner or a W2 worker, this concept holds immense promise, provided you adhere to its principles diligently. With proper guidance and commitment, the rewards are boundless.
Tom Holmes
Owner of Plumbing Company
Money is a tool and IBC is the machine
I knew there must be a better way, but I did not know how to do it. That search for an answer began my journey to find out how I could better guide my family’s financial future. Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking concept fascinated me. It did not seem possible.

How could something so simple be effective at changing the way I thought of money. I had always taught my sons that money is just a tool to be used. I did not realize how true that statement was. What good is a tool if you do not use it? How effective can it be if the tool just sits in the toolbox?

Through the infinite banking concept I learned how to use money truly as a tool.
Jonathan GA
GA Veterinary Cardiologist
Debt to Abundance in 1 year
My 1st policy was put in-force in February 2023 making quarterly contributions to pay down/payoff debt. I changed where my monthly savings went instead of using a traditional bank account, I started making contributions to my WL policy.

At the time I had about $48k in consumer debt where I was giving away about $900/month to someone else’s bank to service that debt. According to my debt map it would have taken me about 22 months to pay off this debt.

3 months later in June 2023, I decided to start my 2nd policy where I utilized a dump-in to help speed up the debt payoff process. I received a bonus from my W2 job and pulled cash out via refinance of a rental property to fund my 2nd policy.

I started out making monthly contributions, utilized a loan then paid off $48k in debt including some debt that had a 0% interest rate such as my vehicle loan. I did it for cash flow purposes.

$48k in debt payoff freed up about $4k in monthly cash flow paying myself with interest that I’m now recapturing in my banking system. I reached out to the insurance company to see how much additional PUA’s I could add. Between both policies I was able to add about $15k in additional PUA’s.

Between generating extra cash from my W2 and recaptured interest in just a few months I was able to switch both policy premium contribution modes to annually. With that mode change I was able to add more PUA’s without MEC’ing the policies.

In just 8 months of applying The Money Multiplier Method I’m recapturing $48k/yr in principle/interest, legacy for my kids north of $2.8 million & making annual premium contributions that amount to more $$$ than I had saved in a bank.

The next step for me is to start policies for my kids to show them what it took me 35 years to start implementing then expand this process to Becoming Your Own Banker in the form of lending.

One of the biggest understatements that was hard to comprehend was the velocity of $$$ that leaves your family every month, every year. I didn’t really understand that until I started paying myself 1st and recapturing that money. From here there’s nowhere to go but UP and this is what “The Money Multiplier Method” did for me!
Jordy Jacobs
TX Father and Provider
Empowered and Focused
I feel empowered and more focused on my future. In addition, I know my kids will have a better start than we did.
Michelle Short

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